Huang, Ching Yao

Huang, ChingYao(黃經堯)

National Chiao Tung University, Room 405, Eng Building IV, 1001 University Road, HsinChu, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-5712121 ext: 54175
Fax: 886-3-5724361
Mobile: 886-9-58951419
E-mail: cyhuang@faculty.nctu.edu.tw


fb: https://www.facebook.com/hank.huang.9674


  • Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering (電子工程學系 教授 since 2002)
  • Adjunct Professor, Research Institute of Technology Management (科技管理研究所合聘教授 since 2016)
  • Director, Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy (產業加速器暨專利開發策略中心 主任 since 2013)
  • Founder and Chief Adviser, FiduciaEdge Technologies Inc. (邊信聯科技股份有限公司  創始人 since 2020)
  • Chairman, Asia Pacific Accelerator Network Association (亞太加速器協會 理事長 since 2019)
  • Advisory Board, HYPE Sports Innovation ( HYPE 全球運動創新聯盟 諮詢委員會)
  • Director, Venture Lab Program (創業實驗室 主任 since 2016)
  • Adjunct Research Fellow, Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan (行政院科技會報 兼任研究員 since 2016)
  • National Information and Communications Initiative (NICI) Committee (國家通訊傳播委員會民間諮詢委員 since 2016
  • Chairman, Asian Association of Business Incubation (亞洲育成協會 2018-2019)
  • Chairman, Chinese Business Incubation Association (中華創業育成協會 理事長  2016-2019)



  • 無線多媒體傳輸
  • 資源管理和接取技術控制
  • 無線高速系統設計
  • SOC無線矽智財測試和驗證



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