2021-05-17 17:18:36Patty ChenCOVID-19 pandemic prevention regulations

Please read the following pandemic prevention notice. Thank you.
Due to the severe COVID-19 pandemic, our College pandemic prevention plan is as attached. Please work together to prevent the pandemic expansion. Thank you.
According to the prevention plan, our Department/Institute have formulated the pandemic prevention regulations for laboratory/research room/meeting(including actual linkage system).
NYCU EE 【Laboratory/Research Room/Meeting】 Quasi Level Three Prevention Instructions
【實驗室/研究室 Laboratory/Research Room】
1. 各實驗室/研究室請指定一位負責人及其職務代理人管理出入實聯制表單(包含計畫助理、博士後等計畫人員),以落實實聯制。
For each laboratory/research room, please appoint a person in charge and his position proxy to manage the access roster (including project assistants, post-doctoral researchers and other personnel) to implement the actual linkage system.
2. 進出實驗室/研究室,如為原本該空間之成員請刷卡(包含計畫助理、博士後等計畫人員),如為其他實驗室/研究室成員,請務必填寫實聯制表單(包含姓名、手機、進出時間)並請使用酒精消毒。請妥善保存實聯制表單,以備疫調之需。
When you enter and leave the laboratory/research room, if you are a member of the original space, please swipe your card (including project assistants, post-doctoral researchers and other personnel); if you are other laboratory/research room members, please be sure to fill in the actual connection form as attached (including Name, mobile phone, time of entry and exit) and disinfect with alcohol. Please keep the actual connection form properly for the needs of pandemic investigation.
3. 準三級防疫期間請盡量不要到實驗室/研究室,改採遠端登入的方式跑程式或線上討論。
During the quasi-level-three pandemic prevention period, please try not to come to the laboratory/research room. Instead, log in remotely to run programs or discuss online.
4. 在實驗室/研究室內請全程佩戴口罩,保持社交距離至少1.5公尺。
Please wear a mask at all times in the laboratory/research room, and keep social distance at least 1.5 meters.
1. Meeting 改為小組meeting,大型Meeting or Group meeting 請先暫停或改為線上舉行。
For meeting, please change to little group meeting. Please suspend large-scale/group meeting or change to online meeting.
2. 小組Meeting時間由該實驗室老師個別通知,避免5人以上群聚,並請Meeting時全程佩戴口罩,保持社交距離至少1.5公尺。
The meeting time of the group will be notified by the laboratory instructor individually. Avoid to gather more than 5 persons. Please wear a mask during the meeting and keep social distance at least 1.5 meters.
【注意 Notice !!!】
If the University’s pandemic prevention regulations turn to level-three alert, please strictly observe the indoor regulations for less than 5 persons. If it turns to level-four alert, the University will be closed.

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