In 1958, NationalChiaoTungUniversity established the first domestic Electronic Research Institute on Po’ai Street, Hsinchu, starting the high-tech education of Taiwan and laying the foundation of the development of electronic information industry in Taiwan. And in 1964, it founded the Department of electronics engineering, beginning to enrollundergraduate students. At present, following the Ministry of Education’s policy of department and institute unification, the Electronic Research Institute and the Department of electronics engineering combined together with the name of the Department of Electronics Engineering (including the master and doctoral program of the electronic research institute).

With the efforts of all the colleagues and supports of the alumni in the past five decades, the department has reached a certain scale. In the aspect of faculty, course and equipment, it ranks top at home and keeps pace with renowneduniversities in the world, obtaining recognition of various fields. The department stays in the leading position of the electronic information industry in Taiwan and its alumni are all outstanding and have successful career. So far,the complete NationalChiaoTungUniversityconsists of five colleges including College of Management, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Engineering and Computer Engineering, College of Science and College of Engineering. Apart from the original Po’ai campus, the Kuangfu campus was also established. Under careful management of several principals, theKuangfu campus has become magnificent. Moreover, the library recently establishedis at international level, which is suitable for the learning and developing of the students and cultivating future leading talents for the country and society.

In this century, it is the development of electronic information that poses the greatest influence on human life. In 1947, Bell Lab invented transistor to replace vacuum tube, facilitating the development of computer industry. Then the evolution of integrated circuit brought cheap microprocessor and semiconductor memory which made the function of personal computer growing stronger and the price getting cheaper. What’s more, the development of Internet, wireless communication and optoelectronics tied the world information closely, making great impact on human life. Then the age of electronic information comes.

In the future, the development of nanoelectronics and optoelectronics, chip system, information and media, biomedical electronics and optoelectronics, green and soft electronics in electronic field will continue to stay in the leading position. That is to say, human life in the future will be influenced by the development of electronic information in a long term. We hope that students with ambition can all take participate in the grand gathering, playing significant roles in the field of electronic information and thus facilitating the development of domestic electronic information.

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